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MSI LogoFortnite is one of the most famous games that has been trending a lot these days. This game is developed by Epic Games, it is available for PC and is an online game, it has two basic modes one is where you have to fight against the zombies and stay alive as the waves come, the second mode is the online gameplay in which around 100 players start and they have to fight each other and the last one standing becomes the winner, now let me tell you that this is not that easy to play and win as other players are not bots and are actual gamers all looking to win the game by any hook or crook, you can play this battle mode with a squad which contains 4 players or play it in duo mode with a friend and if you are the guns blazing type solo player then you can do that as well, all players start in the Battle bus and land on the map anywhere they want, each player has a PickAxe which can be used to cut trees and break down buildings and rocks to collect resources, this later helps them to defend themself or can be used in various game situations. If you still haven’t played this game then you’re definitely in for a treat.

MSI App Player is a newly launched app which now allows you to play any mobile game right on your PC/Laptop. This is basically an emulator which makes your device appear as a smartphone so you can play these mobile version games with other mobile players, now the question arises why would you want to play mobile games on your PC, this is a simple one as PC has a much enhanced processor which can give you the upper hand in any match or game you play against other mobile players.

Download Fortnite from MSI App Player

  1. First you need to have Wifi connected to your PC/Laptop.
  2. Open Chrome browser.
  3. Download MSI App Player.
  4. Once successfully downloaded you can enjoy playing Fortnite using MSI App Player.
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