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MSI LogoOne of the most common and addictive games is PUBG, this is short for Player Unknown Battlegrounds. The name says it all, this game is a first person shooter game where you are playing against other players and may the best man win. It has 2 versions, one is the classic version in which 100 players fight each other to be the last man standing, these matches last for 30 minutes in an average. You can also try the arcade mode where you can choose from four options which are war, sniper match, 8 minute match or quick match all four of them are way different from each other and every match has no more than 30 players except from the quick match where the zone is smaller than classic and it starts to get small pretty fast, it also has 100 players who fight each other, you can play PUBG solo, with a friend in Duo mode or play Squad mode with a team of 4.

Now were going to talk about a unique app which allows you to play your most loved mobile games on your PC/Mac which is MSI App Player. In most of the mobile games it is all about how much better you are than other players and the games are a platform to showoff your gaming skills but what people don’t see is winning games is not that easy, you need a device with a great processor and stable internet connection. MSI App Player allows you to play mobile games which don’t put any load on your PC processor which makes the gameplay smooth and you don’t have any kind of disturbance, say you get a call on your screen while in a fight, this will only result in you getting killed over a call that you could have avoided if you were playing on your PC via MSI App Player.

Download PUBG on your PC using MSI App Player

  1. First make sure you are connected to a wifi.
  2. Open your browser and Download MSI App Player.
  3. Once downloaded open its settings and set them according to your preferences.
  4. Now you can download and play PUBG mobile on your PC.
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